Synopsis of the S. Johnson Bill:

1) That Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase, BancBoston, Massachusetts Mutual, and any other bank or investor be fined an amount equal to the amount of monies made through profits from this housing crisis plus interest times 100 for the amount of years that this housing crisis has existed with no maximum amount to ever be established and distributed to the homeowners that have been defrauded without any government intervention. Meaning no government or state is to make a dime off of homeowners monies.

2) That all properties illegally foreclosed on be returned to the original owners or that the original owners receive the current market value of the property plus interest times 100 with no maximum amount of money ever to be established. This money is in addition to the monies from Item #1.

3) That the lawyers for these banks/investors be fined an amount equivalent to the amount of monies that they have made off of this housing crisis for the entirety of this housing crisis by their manipulation of the laws and fraudulent actions against we, the citizens plus interest times 100 with no maximum amount of money ever to be established. This money is in addition to the monies from Item #1.

4) That these lawyers who participated in this housing crisis be sanctioned by the ethics committees and bar associations and if it is discovered that they defrauded more than 100 homeowners by filing fraudulent documents that they be forced not to practice within the states that the defrauded homeowners are located.

5) That the mortgage executives that participated in the causing of this housing crisis be terminated and forcibly and legally be forbidden to practice in the mortgage or banking industry every again. Failure of any bank/investor to not do so makes them criminally responsible for any past and future actions of those individuals.

6) That elderly homeowners not be evicted under any circumstances and that they automatically be reverse mortgage eligible if no refinance options are available. These homeowners are to be allowed to live out the remainder of their lives on their properties and their descendants (children) have the opportunity to purchase the property(s) upon the deaths of their parents.

7) That a citizens review board made up of defrauded homeowners be immediately established to oversee that these demands of this bill be met. There are to be no bank executives, employees, investors, state or government employees or anyone that is deemed to benefit from being on this committee.

8) That there be another review board to oversee the actions of the citizens review board established immediately and completely independent of that board,

9) That any/all who have participated in causing this housing crisis be put on notice that they either remove themselves from this problem and return said monies to those defrauded homeowners willingly or be on notice that any monies will be seized upon the surfacing of any reports of said monies.

10) In the matter of HUD's involvement in the defrauding of unsuspecting homeowners. HUD is to return any/all homes that they have purchased at auctions if the home was taken illegally and as a result of the housing crisis. That whatever price paid for the property that was illegally stolen from unsuspecting homeowners be accepted from the homeowner and their homes returned to them immediately or the homeowners receives the current market value of the property plus interest times 100 with no established maximum ever. This money is in addition to monies from Item #1.

11) Lastly, for any property in foreclosure at this present moment and there is fraud suspected with the paperwork, that a automatic moratorium be granted to this particular property until such paperwork has been corrected or quiet title has been granted to the homeowner due to fraudulent activities that continue this housing crisis. This item does not exclude the homeowner from item #1.

12) That the citizens review board shall oversee and ensure that all of the above items are enacted with no interference from any banks, state or government employees or appointees, judges, lawyers, or any other entities that might possibly gain from seeing this bill not go into effect or any who are colluding in any way or fashion to continue defrauding we, the citizens.