Friends and supporters, I just got back from court and the judge refuses to look at the erroneous judgment that was finalized in 2003. They continue to play these games protecting each other yet the homeowners are getting abused horribly.

Again, I say that this is the worst type of domestic terrorism on American soil.


In 1991, my mother Susie Johnson, now 79 years old, moved into her house in Orange, NJ. She instantly fell in love with the home and the neighborhood, frequently hosting barbeques and spending her days sitting on her front porch talking to neighbors. In 1996, after she had been renting the home for five years, a representative of Homeside Lending knocked on her door, and asked her if she would be interested in purchasing the house. All her life, my mother had talked about wanting to accomplish two goals- going to college and owning her own home. She had already achieved the first goal, and now here was her opportunity to fulfill the second. She took out a mortgage with Homeside Lending and bought the house for $65,000, claiming her own piece of the "American Dream."

My mother took pride in her home, faithfully paying her mortgage on time every month, and investing her own money to fix it up. Then suddenly, in February 2003, she received a notice from Washington Mutual Bank, returning her payment for that month and notifying her that she was in default, claiming she had not paid since October 2002. This was the first time she had received anything from Washington Mutual, who had apparently taken over her mortgage from Homeside and was now the servicer of her loan. At their instruction, my mother sent in copies of the missing payment receipts to Washington Mutual, attempting to reconcile the situation. Despite this, Washington Mutual filed for foreclosure claiming she was delinquent on her loan, even though until that time she had never missed a payment.

Her attempts to fight them in court failed, as the judge disregarded most of the evidence and granted them the right to evict anyway. In the meantime, John Stolarenko, the former president of Eastwood Mortgage Bankers who signed my mothers original loan documents, was convicted of mortgage fraud and served 10 months in prison. JP Morgan Chase took over the loan, and picked up where Washington Mutual left off, pushing forward with their attempts to evict my mother and take her home.

Over the years, I have watched my mother's health deteriorate as the stress of the foreclosure has taken it's toll. She has lost weight, and now suffers from anxiety and depression. Instead of sitting on the porch or hosting barbeques, she has become reclusive, afraid of answering the door for fear that it will be the sheriffs there to put her out on the street.

We've watched as our community has been devastated by the housing crisis, while banks like Wells Fargo/JP Morgan Chase cash in on their crimes. On January 1, my mother will be 79 years old. It's time for Wells Fargo/HUD/JP Morgan Chase to do the right thing and give her home back to her for good so she can reclaim her dignity and go back to living her life in peace.

On April 29th, I was physically told by the essex county sheriff's office that they would not be attempting to evict until the end of July or the beginning of August.  I was asked if an attorney had been retained and I advised yes, this is when the undersheriff and the sergeant advised of the above.  The original eviction date was 4/30/14 and after this date was bypassed as agreed another eviction notice came for 5/30/14.  On the 29th, I called most of the day into the sheriff's office with other officers acting like they didn't know who the undersheriff was and/or sergeant knight.  On the 30th I was at the sheriff's office well before they actually opened the building to the public.  Once I obtained entrance, sergeant knight was located and he advised that judge kaprowski was waiting for me in chancery court.  I went over to 212 Washington Street in Newark and waited to see the judge and when he arrived he was rude as usual and would not allow me to say anything and was actually walking out of the courtroom while i was still speaking with him.  I was trying to tell him that my mother was ill and wouldn't be able to take this.  The attorney then stated that they saw my mother watering flowers in front of the house early that morning.  I left the house before 7:00 am, therefore the attorney was saying that my mother had walked downstairs and was in front of the house very early in the morning.  A home health aide arrives at 8am everyday and I usually let her in so this was another huge lie that was told in court and allowed by the judge.  Afterwards as I was walking out of the courtroom, two clerks were running after me advising that the sheriff's and the movers were already at my house.  I left and rushed home, obviously distraught as this was a ploy to ensure that I would not be home and that my mother and the aide would be alone. 

When I arrived, they were both terrified!  And then the move began!  These people threw my mother's items in boxes and destroyed furniture, the refrigerator, and many antiques.  I had to go out and buy clothes and underwear for her because we don't know where her clothes are.  My mother is distraught and I can't leave her alone.  Please view the video to see what happened the first night after she was thrown out of her home because of fraud.


On January 1, my mother will be 80 years old. It's time for HUD/Wells Fargo/Massachusets Mutual to do the right thing and let her back into her home of almost 30 years. 

A forensic audit was just completed and it shows many fraudulent actions taken on behalf of the many banks that were involved with my mother's account.  Since it's origination, there have been implications that the originator John Stolarenko may have committed fraud against my mother.  This man who was the president of Eastwood Mortgage Bankers went to jail for mortgage fraud after being prosecuted by HUD.  HUD never prosecuted him for all of his crimes.  NOW HUD OWNS MY MOTHERS HOUSE AND HELPED TO FACILITATE THE BANK (THIS TIME WELLS FARGO) TO EVICT MY DISABLED MOTHER.  THE PEOPLE WHO HELPED HER GET THE HOUSE HELPED TO EVICT HER AFTER PURCHASING THE HOME FOR $100.00.  ON 4/28 I TRIED TO PURCHASE IT BACK FOR $101 BUT WAS REFUSED.  I HAVE AN AUDIOTAPE OF THE CONVERSATIONS THAT I HAVE POSTED TO YOUTUBE AS WELL AS A VIDEO OF THE MOVE.

We do have all of the paperwork and receipts showing payments made and even paperwork back to 2002.  We also have contradictory payment documents from homeside lending which is actually Washington mutual.



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