Mrs. Johnson had a mortgage with Washington Mutual Bank. WaMu declared bankruptcy in September of 2008. No clear title of ownership of Mrs. Johnson’s mortgage has been established since the collapse. Mrs. Johnson has been in her home for 30 years.


In 2003 Washington Mutual charged her with being in default. Her defense was that the bank had lost track of a year’s payments that she had made. The dispute was still not settled when WaMu declared bankruptcy in September of 2008. Subsequent owners of the mortgage sought eviction on WaMu’s filings of 2003, but without resolution of the payment dispute.


Mrs. Johnson is now in receipt of a letter from the sheriff that she will be evicted on May 10th 2012 at 9:00 AM. “For almost ten years we have been in and out of court and the banks have never been able to prove my mother did not pay them,” said Cynthia Johnson, her mother’s spokesperson. Legal representation has been a problem because of costs, she said. “Wells Fargo negotiated a reverse mortgage but sold the property to J.P. Morgan Chase Bank instead. But why did they even offer a reverse mortgage if they thought my mother was in default?